Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wake Up Call

This is like my 4th blog . I've constantly deleted my previous blog once I start to get tired of it . No joke .

Not really when I get tired of it , but when I look back at it , just so many memories just flood through and I hate it when I read it , all I do is cry . Yeah , I'm not someone that control my feelings . I cry when I'm sad and angry . But recently I've learnt putting your music on full blast with your headphones on really do help .

So Neet gave me a link to this blog and this really amazing girl , Melissa Sharif actually blogs about her Diet Journey . Halfway through reading it , my chest feels really heavy and I asked myself just what have I been doing my whole life ? Stuffing food down my throat is what I do best . I've been severely overweight ever since I was 9 . I've always been bigger than other kids but I've never really cared even when I start hearing people calling me fat . I will always say , "I'm born this way . No point trying . "

As I grow up , the phrase I hear all the time but never believed in ; "There's no ugly girl , there are just lazy ones ."

A few weeks ago , I was on a really strict 1 meal only diet . It was taking effect but after 2 weeks , I failed miserably and went back to my usual food regime . And now after I read that post , I feel nothing but remorse and regret . But well it's too late . 

Neet and Kris are gearing up for this fight and I'm really determined this time . I have them by my side and I'm not gonna stop halfway again . Well , I'm gonna try my utmost best . I kind of tasted the hardship of going on a diet and no harm going through it again . Well , I am still alive so yeahh ! 

P.S : Girls , this flat face cat look-alike will make you proud . Lol .

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