Friday, August 16, 2013

Love Triangle

Well, Hello!
Obviously I have zero experience on this but I've seen a lot of love triangle problems going on. And yes it is such a huge thing for me. I used to be that person who is really judgmental and go like 'I bet the girl cheated on him.'
Every time we hear a couple break up, all blame goes to the one that actually 'moved on' first. That's a wee bit bias isn't it? I mean not all happens that way. Who are we to judge when we don't even know of the true story. Before I go on, let me just say that I truly do not condone the act of cheating on your other half.
Sometimes, things happens for a certain reason and this varies widely. I can only think of a few right now- abusive, feelings fade, flirtatious and etc. 
The first personal encounter definitely made me gag. She had a boyfriend in another class. For about a month, she was flirting with another classmate, holding hands and kissing. Their relationship was only in the classroom. Mind you, how can I not get angry when they were sitting right in front of me and plus I was really close friends with both the girl and her real boyfriend! (I'm still friends with the girl though)
Well, thanks to that, I became a really judgmental person toward relationship. 
Recently, 6 years later, a friend totally changed that perception. When I felt that she was getting too close to another guy, all assumptions filled my head. Esp when I knew she has a boyfriend.
 We talked and confessed. I finally understood everything. The first thing that I said was ' Then break up with him.' It wasn't as simple as that. Way too many things were going on and it was crazy. I would go into details but in the future maybe. 
Cheating doesn't just derive from the fact that 'Oh I feel like cheating on my partner, let's go!'
There are so many contributing factors. Just like how a perfectly happy family can be torn apart, friends becoming enemy, being jobless. All this has a contributing factor.
Everything happens for a reason. Be it if the outcome is a good or bad thing. One thing's for sure, a setback like this definitely proves if the relationship is a sturdy or a rocky one. 
But still, 

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