Sunday, October 6, 2013


Tired of holding on, holding on too tight. 
I'm loosening my grip, preparing to let go.
Every time something happens, I'll be the one to hold on till the end. 
Being delusional that things will always be back to normal, I end up getting hurt.
Crumbling down real fast when it comes to feelings, I tell myself to let go.
It became some kind of a curse. Every year, I end up losing someone I love. 

Quarrels & fights. I'm not good with words. I cry when my anger grabs hold of me.
Walking away from a fight is the best solution I'll offer myself. 
That is, if I'm the only one involve. 

I try my best to help when it come to others.
But every single freaking time, it feels as though I made things way worse.
I learned to look at things from afar, not getting involve. 
The pain cuts in deeper. It felt even worse than not trying.
Through all that, forcing a smile was the solution
Such a simple task yet so hard to accomplish.

Known as someone of few words. Even if I wasn't smiling, no one really cares.
Thinking that this will last, I threw away some of my life greatest memories. 
The sacrifices. The tears. It wasn't worth it. 
Karma's hitting me back. 
I threw something small but precious thinking that I could grab for something bigger. 
Boy, was I so wrong.

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