Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Beginnings


A new year, a new resolution & a new school. That's me right now. I can't even remember when was the last time I actually blogged.

I finally graduated from 2 years in ITE! Woohoo! I clearly remembered that when I first entered ITE, I was clueless and at lost as to why I was even there. Did my O levels but I did really bad at it and was forced to take ITE Nitec course as that was the only choice I had. I waited a year and enrolled in the only course I was interested in, Digital Audio & Video Production. Initially,yes I regretted it but now, boy am I glad I made that choice. I figured since I'm doing nitec, 2 years later in 2014, I'll probably take H.Nitec before making my way into Poly but thank god, I actually am in Poly now, in 2014.

Making it to Poly after Nitec was nowhere in my imaginations, in fact I thought that I'll probably start working straight after DAVP. But when I received my results, I actually shouted and cried (dramatic I know), but I never expected it. Imagine, yes but never expected it. 
Long story short, it's been a month that I've started school. The studies here are much more fast forward, loads of assignment and definitely no spoon feeding. The type of people I've met are pretty much still the same, except way more friendlier and outgoing to meet new people. I actually am associating with people outside of class(shocker,I know). Oh and not to forget, some are way younger, even younger than my younger brother. "Omg so when I'm in Sec 1 you're already in Sec 4?!" Yupp that's the huge difference all right. 

Making new friends is easy(?) but sustaining a friendship takes effort. Truth to be told, I'm really afraid. I mean not everyone are the same, but what if history repeats itself? I care too much now that if it happens again, I'm just gonna break down and this time I'm pretty sure it's gonna be hard to get back up. 

It's impossible that they'll be like them but who am I to judge? Heck I get betrayed all the time ; I'm the worse person when it comes to judging. Fingers crossed that maybe, hopefully, this time, it will be different. I don't want to go through that period of uncertainty again, ever.

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