Sunday, October 26, 2014


I was given a mission to write about how this person whom I shall label N, changed my life since I’ve met her.  The first impression I had of her was “Ahh this girl looks really outgoing and confident!” As a class, we sat in a huge circle and had an ice-breaking activity. First up, we had to introduce ourselves. She introduced herself with confidence and clarity, I was immediately awed. People’s first impression of me is that I usually look arrogant and angry but shockingly enough, she told me that her first impression of me was that I looked friendly because I kept on smiling towards her. Hey, anything to make a new friend right?

I never knew how bad I was at making friends till I met her. I kept on going back and forth between groups that she got sick and tired of my ways. I’m glad we managed to get over that fight in May 2012. I honestly was so scared that I was gonna lose her. At that point, even though it was only a few months since we’ve met, I knew I was gonna lose my ways and I was gonna be very lost if I were to lose her then.  Woah, talk about the usage of the word lost in a sentence.

Between us, she was always the more cheerful, friendly and outgoing one. It has always been because of her that I’m able to meet more people. I’m obviously the quieter and the boring one amongst us and I’m thankful that she has been able to stand this side of me. On the train rides to and from school, she said that I’m always listening to music and not entertaining her. But still, she’s here till this day. Hmm, no choice maybe? (Kidding)

She said that we’re like the childish couple that laughs at everything and I couldn’t agree more. When I’m with her, I’m able to put behind any worries and trouble I had. We laugh at about anything even the smallest thing such as one’s facial expression. Do you remember when we laughed uncontrollably on the train to the extent that someone offered you tissues because you were tearing up? The rare moments of me trying to get my 2 feet dancing on the rooftop? The surprises you've made for my birthday 2 years consecutively? I've never really got to say how incredibly thankful I was.

I’ve always been able to be myself around her. We can eat in silence and she wouldn’t mind (do you?) I can be weird and annoying one moment and really quiet at the next, and yet she is still able to stand this side of me. Whenever I’m with her, I don’t feel the pressure to be someone I’m not. I curse, I say things that don’t make sense and I don’t get jokes sometimes but yet she’s still here.

I’ll usually keep quiet when any misunderstanding or something that I’m not satisfied with happens. But she taught me that it’s ok to be aggressive and bring it up. It actually makes the friendship stronger. She taught me that you have to fight for a friendship or basically any relationship. I’m really bad at keeping contact and when she actually puts in the effort to text me something, I’m so grateful and that one simple text can turn into something really fun and entertaining that usually does not weigh a thing. We can spend hours and hours talking about love and situations and still go back to that same topic the same day. Even the name of this blog link came from her. I’ll never get tired of her.


 I've come to a conclusion that I've failed this mission. So many things have changed since the first time I met you but it’s really hard to put it into words and even sentences. You’ve affected my life more than you know it.  Whenever I’m in a fixed, I can always count on you to be my escapade. In these few years of us being friends, I’ve had more quarrels and misunderstanding with you than my ‘other’ friend. Don’t take it the wrong way. I'm actually grateful that it happened. This is actually the best way to sustain one’s friendship.  Every time we come out of that situation, the friendship seems to get stronger.

You don’t believe in the idea of best friends unless you’ve been together for a certain amount of years. But I’ll always say that you are one of my best friends. I love you and I will always treasure you. After graduation, a part of me felt that “Ahh this is it. I’m probably never gonna see you guys again.”  But hey, 10 months later and we're still here. I’ve never felt the true meaning of friendship till I’ve met you.
Thank you for being in my life.
Thank you for all delicious goods you’ve baked.
Thank you for always being true to yourself. 
Thank you for always cheering my up when I'm down.
Thank you for all the things that you've taught me.
Thank you for always being generous. (oops copyright) But it’s true! You’re one of the most generous person I’ve met in my life!
Thank you for reading this one ass long post dedicated to you.

I really hope this friendship would last for a really long time. Maybe we’ll be able to sip coffee in the future with our mini me’s running around? I really hope that day will come and when it happens, I’ll make them call you Umi!

Lots of Love,

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