Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 1: Roommates

Today marks the first day of our 2 week stay in the school apartment. It's part of the requirements for our extra Course Disciplinary Subject (CDS); Transnational Studies. What we basically learn in this module is how we communicate with different types of people. I never knew there were that MANY types of people. We learn different approaches to people of different universal trait.

We were placed in groups of 5 as flatmates and also group mates for our final submission.

Photos of the living room (excuse the quality)

Kitchen; mini stove & microwave (no utensils whatsoever)

2 twin bedrooms and a single bedroom (obv the mess is mine)

I've only been here for 7 hours and I'm dying of boredom. There is no television (not that I watch it but entertainment ya know) and the wifi here sucks. Flatmates have yet to end class but fortunately I have Yaneyy as companion since our class was cancelled today. I'm a close-off person in nature so I'm not really sure how I am gonna click with my flatmates. 

Yes, we knew each other before moving in but that was only as group mates and not more. I hope we'll be able to put aside any differences we have and make this stay a fruitful one. Speaking of which we will be having an International Dinner soon and I reckon we're gonna have to cook (save me!)

I shall challenge myself to update daily while I'm here. (I shall try)

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